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Thursday, June 5th 2014. | Interior Designs

Both versatility and also the popularity of the Tuscan home décor are actually the basic element of reaching the visual look of the house. The ways of reaching it are actually based on both textures and materials that are chosen in the way of Tuscan. The right option of the textures and the materials for the home décor will create harmony at home. Both feeling and the look of the Tuscan feeling can provide either the rustic or warm by combining the diverse mix of textures and materials.

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Suggestions of Both Textures and Materials

Tuscan home décor should create the inspiring home in Tuscan home scheme you can have. Having the feeling of Tuscan, there are some materials that people often use. They are iron, wood, stone, and other kinds of metals. Copper, wrought iron, and also other kinds of metals are often used for making the wall décor becomes unique. You can choose your own materials and textures.


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Moreover, the candle holders, the canisters, the pot racks, baskets, and also the furniture could be available in these materials. Yet some people also prefer wood for the furniture materials. Stone is another natural resource that is a durable material that has beautiful look. It can be used for the flooring and also the counter tops. Stones are available in different options such as matte, tumbled, and also polished. tuscan home decor catalog tuscan home decor ideas tuscan home decor magazine tuscan home decor online shop tuscan home decor pinterest tuscan home decor style tuscan home decor style


What about the textures of the fabrics that can reflect Tuscan home décor? Hard materials and surfaces are mostly used for the decorating style of Tuscan. Some items such as draperies, blankets, pillows, upholstery, table cloths, and also the tapestries are some examples that need different colors of the color palette of Tuscan. Another texture goes to the feather that can be used for the wall décor. It is best matched with the wood and also metals.


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