Have a nice Full Size Bedroom Sets

Tuesday, November 18th 2014. | Furniture

When you want to set your bedroom, you must consider the size. There is full size bedroom set. This is different from queen size bedroom set. People are often puzzled with these two bedroom sets.   In the past a full size bedroom sets were used as the standard for almost all bedrooms in the world.  However, there are more options that people can get.

The Quality of Full Size Bedroom Sets

Let’s compare the difference between full size bedroom sets and queen size bedroom sets. The full size bedroom sets less wide as the width is 54 inches while the queen size bedroom set is 60 inches width.  On the other hand, full size bedroom sets are shorter. It is 75 inches while the length of queen size bedroom sets are 80 inches long. Full size bedroom sets are usually chosen by single person while couple prefers to have queen size mattress with the box spring.

Thus, if you are single, it is better to have full size bedroom sets. You can enjoy your sleeping time on the right size bed for single. You can choose the full size mattress with the spring box if you like. However, you may decide on the mattress without any spring box.

You can put it on the floor so that you may enjoy your sleeping time whenever you like. Don’t forget to decorate your room with the other furniture. Consider the size of your bedroom when you decide to use these full size bedroom sets. Besides, you need to consider the size of other furniture that you may put in your bedroom.

If you are couple, it is not suggested to buy this bedroom set, as the width is not enough for both of you. Sleeping time is the quality time when you can enjoy yourselves without getting any disturbance from other people. Therefore, you must buy the queen size bedroom sets.

If you are singles, just enjoy your quality time on your mattress. But, consider the quality of the bedroom sets before you buy. When buying bedroom sets with high quality, you do not need to change it in a short time. A good full size bedroom set may last for decades if you can maintain it. You can clean any stains on the mattress and also on the spring bed if you use it. You can also cover it with nay color sheets that you like so that you will enjoy it any time you are tired and want to get some sleep.

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