How To Care Upholstered King Bed Frame

Saturday, October 31st 2015. | Home Improvement

King or queen size bed would be for you if you and your spouse like to sleep on wide space without getting touch when sleeping. Bed frames are available in different material including metal and wood. If you want different style of bed frame but do not want the material to show off, consider upholstered king bed frame for your bedroom.

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If you have shed pets or allergies, a good compromise for upholstered queen bed frame would be leather. This material is easy to clean and care. You just need to vacuum at least weekly and immediately spot cleaning when stain occurs. Bed frame made of wood or metal will catch just as much dirt as fabric bed, you can easily see it on the surface. The headboard and frame with a Velcro-fasten slip cover is easier to dry clean.

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Bed in fact has fewer surface areas than couch. A rug in the bedroom is far easier to trap dirt, mold, dust, and mites than a well-cared upholstered bed. It is a good idea using upholstered bed frame especially if you have different slip cover color for different feel. Bed skirt is not needed if slipcovers are detachable to be drycleaned. You may vacuum rarely, but make sure you dust beneath it regularly.

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Putting it together might bit a bit challenging. However, keeping it clean is easier and it looks nice and personalized. Dust allergy issues would not be a problem using upholstered king bed frame. Opt for a fabric that drives back dust instead of draw it. There are fabrics that don’t magnetize dust at all.

diy upholstered king bed frame


Bed bugs are something you have to concern more than dust for upholstered king bed frame. International travel raise make them becoming more common and reduce in pesticide use. These bugs are terribly hard and costly to remove, and it is a reproduction place for them having a fabric headboard.

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