How To Make A Shabby Chic Square Wood Coffee Table

Friday, October 30th 2015. | Furniture

You can create a faintly aged look and feel by refinish decor features and old and new furniture in shabby chic design style. Repurposed items or antique store finds have a distressed or aged look with the shabby refinishing. There is still elusive, cute, and feminine from a finished square wood coffee table signified by the chic look.

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You may choose for a new piece of square wood coffee table or interesting, uncommon piece at a flea market, thrift shop, or secondhand store for a true shabby-chic look to refinish. Piece that has unique lines, such as rounded edges, scrolls, or elusive carving is the one you want. An old wood-framed window can even be used as a coffee table top for a non-conventional element. Create good ventilation in a work area. Wear a safety goggle and breathing mask and place a dropcloth covering on floor.

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Use a hand sander to eliminate current finish. You do not need to concern about getting off all stain or current paint and leave small flaws in the finish or wood for an aged, rustic look when creating a shabby chic wood square coffee table. Once you start the finishing progression, you can add to its lure and entreaty by leaving the surface somewhat imperfect.

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Spread over the first coat on the square coffee table wood with a pale pastel or neutral wood paint fully and evenly. Then let the paint to dry. If you want a two-toned appearance, add a conflicting muted paint color for the second coat. Coarse up the dried paint of the table with a hand sanding tool. Make a distressed look by running the sanding tool all over upraised components of the table’s ornamentation along with around angles and edges. To accomplish the preferred look, try Sand away some of the two paint colors. Ensuring to get into trenches and fissures, get rid of sawdust from the surface of the coffee table with a clean empty paintbrush. According the manufacturer’s guidelines, seal the surface with a matte polyurethane topcoat.

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Spread over a sizzle agent between the first and second coats of paint for an additional-aged shabby chic appearance. Allow the agent to dry following the manufacturer’s advices. Spread over the current topcoat with a conflicting light color. There is a swelled crackling result on the square wood coffee table as the paint dries. If you desire, darker colors can be used to create a shabby chic look instead of the most common light pastel colors.

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