How To Make A Square Glass Coffee Table

Tuesday, November 24th 2015. | Furniture

Coffee tables can take a real damaged especially from water such as stubborn white rings stain from a cup. Stain won’t appear on glass top so add this material when building a coffee table. Square legs attached to a square frame make it a reasonably simple process. It’s unimposing and modest enough to fit nearly any decor with the retro look of the table. Here are the steps for building square glass coffee table.

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Building table frame

Cut a step or rabbet lengthways one edge. Repeat for all four pieces of the hardwood of glass square coffee table. Without losing any length, cut at 45 degrees on all four pieces left and right-hand miters with a miter saw. Spread over all four pieces mitered ends with adhesive. Create a square frame with the mitered corners together. Fasten around the frame with clamp until adhesive discharges out the seams. Sink two ridged nails upright through every seam. Remove the clamps after the frame dry for no less than one hour.

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All four pieces of hardwood are mitered at the ends. Use left and right hand miters to miter at 45-degrees without losing any length. Spread over the edges of the frame with adhesive. Use a pin nailer to attach each side of the mitered pieces. Fasten the mitered corners together with the pieces level to the top. To add a lip at the lowermost of the frame for fastening legs, to provide artistic appeal and to add support to the frame of square glass top coffee table, mount a perimeter border. Wait for at least one hour for the glue to dry.

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Building table top

Use 100-grit sandpaper and hand block to manually sand the square glass coffee table top smooth. All the angles and edges should be blunt and rounded. Continue sanding all four hardwood pieces. Flip the tabletop wrong way up with the apron spread out skyward. Spread all four corners on the inner of the apron with adhesive. Pierce three pin nails into the sides of the legs through the all sides of the apron. Spread over two sides of the blocks with adhesive. Pierce two pin nails into the legs through each block and two more into the apron through the block. Wait for at least one hour for the glue to dry.

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Spread over lacquer and stain as necessary. Spread clear silicone to the shelf or rabbet lengthways the interior edge of the frame when the finish is dry. Apt into the rabbets, mount the glass into the sunken opening. Push the silicone down confidently with your fingers. Let the silicone to dry for a day before using square glass coffee table.

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