How To Refurbish Furniture Of Antique Cherry Wood

Wednesday, November 11th 2015. | Furniture

You can revitalize your aged-look antique cherry furniture into its original splendor. While takeout old finishes, you can keep the original carpentry from damage with care when restoring antique furniture. Make sure you keep the wood from potential damage once the finish is removed, and keep the beauty of your antique cherry wood furniture for several years. Here is how to refurbish furniture of your wooden pieces.

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Necessary equipments

This guide to how to refurbish furniture require you to prepare Glass jar, Mineral spirits, Clean cloth, Denatured alcohol, steel wool, Paint thinner, Paintbrush, Stain, Dry cloth, 20-grit sandpaper, and Oil-based polyurethane.

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Cleaning the Wood

Before starting how to refurbish furniture, grab a glass jar to place a small amount of mineral spirits. Soak a clean cloth in the mineral spirits and use it to rub on the wood following the wood’s grain direction. Lightly rub the wood a piece of steel wool soaked into the mineral spirits. Wipe off the mineral spirits with a clean cloth to apply denatured alcohol to the wood. Use long strokes following the same way as the grain when wiping with the cloth.

how to refurb wood furniture

Eliminating Old Finishes and coating a New Finish

Remove old polish or wax using a clean cloth to rub paint thinner to the cleaned wood. With long smooth gestures, use a paintbrush to apply stain on the wood. Use a dry cloth to wipe off glut stain. Leave it to dry entirely. Use a cloth to spread oil-based polyurethane to the piece and leave it for three hours to dry. Use 20-grit sandpaper to sand the surface in mild pressure following the grain direction. Use wet cloth to wipe off dust, and spread oil-based polyurethane for a second layer. Before use, leave it to dry entirely. That’s how to refurbish furniture made of cherry wood.

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