How To Replace Padding Of Upholstered Arm Chair

Friday, October 30th 2015. | Home Improvement

By a winter fireplace, you can read in a comfy fissure in a comfortable arm chair, or complement any decor by reupholster this elegant piece of furniture. You might have to recalculate your decorating budget as custom-upholstered, High-quality arm chairs are expensive making it a good investment. But consider a makeover to upholstered arm chair you can find in curbside markets, thrift stores, and online shops.

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Remove dust and dirt from the shabby chair with vacuum and damp cloth. Lay drop cloth and set the upholstered chairs with arms on top. Use a flathead screwdriver working the staples out to remove every piece of old fabric starting under the seat. The new upholstery will use the old as a pattern. Reassembly will be easier if you take pictures of each process. Inspect the batting. Reuse it if it’s in fine shape and clean. Cut new batting from each section of old unused battling as a pattern. Create another pattern from chair cushion cover and keep the zipper.

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Installing new fabric

Copy the old upholstery and batting pieces to the new fabric but leave about 2 inches spare all the way around for staple and trim later. Cut out the pieces. Install the batting first. Staple each piece of fabric with a pneumatic staple gun on the rim closest the middle of the chair first. And then drag the edges tight over the shape of the chair and staple them down the sides, back, and underneath the seat.

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Replacing upholstered arm chairs will use a lot of staples. Use the zipper you keep from the old cushion when stitching the new cushion cover together. A small throw cushion is a good thing to make if you have extra fabric and batting surplus. Position the seat cushion in the chair and place the chair where you want it.

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