How To Use Krylon Fusion Paint To Stain A Square Glass Coffee Table

Tuesday, October 20th 2015. | Furniture

refinishing a glass coffee table with Krylon Fusion would be the ideal choice as it stick gorgeously to metal, glass, and wood although the label say it for plastic. You need little preparation task for this but sanding or priming is not needed if your table in good condition. Still, if needed, mix a gentle detergent and water to clean the table with. Here are the steps of painting square glass coffee table with Krylon Fusion Paint.

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Size the length and width of the parts of the glass square coffee table you want to paint, sorting them out by color. Find the enough space to complete the project of each color of Krylon Fusion paint. Lay the coffee table on a drop cloth in an outdoor area on sawhorses stood. If the frame of the coffee table is wood, apply wood filler lightly to fill any cracks or nicks and sand down any bumped parts. Sand the filler flat when it dries. If the frame is metal, apply a commercial rust-removing product if there is any rust following to producer instructions. Leaving the glass exposed, use painter’s tape and plastic sheeting to cover the frame of the coffee table.

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Applying paint

Shake the paint can forcefully. Face the spout off to the left side of the main area you’re painting. Move can bit by bit to the right while pressing the spout down and until you reach off the edge of the table and then move back in the reverse way just underneath it. Go among back-and-forward gesture and an up-and-down motion. Recap this manner, when reengaging the nozzle, beginning off to the side of the square glass top coffee table all the time until it produces a reedy, smooth coat of paint.

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This technique makes an even, flush finish and removes drops and blobs.Make a crisp, solid look when painting all sides of the glass, subject to the design as well as the bottom of the upper and lower shelf. The process is easier it can works well upside down with the Krylon Fusion Paint. Allow the first coat dry completely before starting the second. You need to wait 24 hours of the first coat of Krylon Fusion paint before you apply a second coat. Now you can take away the plastic sheeting and painter’s tape. Allow for the last coat of paint dry totally before using the square glass coffee table.

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