Interior painting technique is Easy To Do

Sunday, June 8th 2014. | Interior Designs

Re-paint and re-décor the home is kind of home improvement activity that can done by our self. It is not difficult job, just need bit patience and practice skill. Interior painting technique is easy to do, and will make the home look fresher with its new look. So, follow this review below and you will have some suggestion to re-paint the home without professional helping. You can do it yourself, let’s prepare and make your home more beautiful.

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Some tips of interior painting
Here are some tips for interior painting that will help you to re-décor your home. First of all, before you re-paint your wall or other surface, prepare it carefully. I mean you must scrape and sand the surface, make it smoothen. Then make sure that the surface has no hole, crack, or surface imperfection. This process will be needed more time, so you must be patient to get best result. It is not easy things to do, but it is the most important thing to get perfect painting.

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After that priming the walls or other surface you want to paint. Prime can block the stains on the surface and allow the one-coat coverage the paint. And the main function of the prime is to improve the paint adhesion. It will greatly reduce the peeling and blister. You can mix the prime with the main coat, it is great technique to hide the primed surface. But the best technique is using special prime and then paint the surface. It will make the painting perfect and reduce the blister risk.
3D render modern interior of bedroom
Use canvas or plastic cloth drop to cover the surface. It can help reduce the risk of splashing paint into the surface which is not desirable. Cover the surfaces will not to be painted with canvas or plastic. Then you can re-paint your room as you like. When painting you do not need ladder anymore, you will get easy with extension pole. Apply your paint roller on the extension pole, you will easily reach the high area. Paint carefully and your rooms will appear more beautiful with new interior painting.

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