Kitchen Dining Room Combo Is The Best!

Friday, April 29th 2016. | Furniture

Work Space and Pleasure

The Best Kitchen Dining Room ComboThe remodeled kitchen small luxuries mix with great efficiency .Design for many uses : This island serves several functions – separate from guest chefs , working as a bar for a party , and provide a buffet for a family meal . The island is equipped with a stove and elevate ventilation , and below there is plenty of storage space for pots and pans .An area prep sink makes a great alternative to both chefs . As close to the refrigerator , it is an ideal place to wash fresh fruits and vegetables as well .Royal on the fun : The island also contains a built -in warming drawer , friendly detail – perfect for grandchildren cakes and breads .Farmhouse sink and limestone surround most of the attitude to beauty . The owner admits Italy , engraved – leaf sink is the most practical item in the kitchen , but a favorite .

Best kitchen with dining room combnation

Colorful Kitchen

Yellow is the main ingredient in Austin this cheerful kitchen , where a commitment to one color is the secret of success .

More of a good thing : If you like this play kitchen tone -on – tone , you can easily recreate in your own home . Just pick a color and stick to it . Here , semolina by Benjamin Moore is used as a starting point . Continued cabinets and trim color . Wall using a mixture of one – half Semolina color , and color Semolina quarter to the ceiling . It is a great alternative to choose three different colors of paint cards . This ensures they will work in harmony . Apply this method to every room where you use the same color for the walls , trim , and ceiling . Choose the color of the walls , and then ask for a custom mix of one – half or a quarter of that color for the trim and the ceiling .

drop dead gorgeous kitchen table island combination ideas

Best Kitchen Dining Room Combo

Details That Count

From beginning to end , look to the individual elements that make the space their own .Inspiration point : Each project will look amazing if you do not start with one item to inspire your palette . Here , decorative tile backsplash in hue to influence the choice of Provence -based paint . Tile molding creates a frame around each land glossy accented with smaller patterns , decorative boxes .

Likeable Kitchen And Dining Room Combinations

Adjust exterior tools : Impact kitchen design relies heavily on color , so the equipment must be coordinated . A black or stainless steel large refrigerator would spoil integrated this room yellow . New fridge – which comes with instructions for creating custom panels – made ​​above with painted wood panels are designed to fit the cabinets . The dishwasher with interior control panel camouflaged to blend with brightly colored kitchen cabinets .

Modern and Small Kitchen Dining Room small kitchen dining room ideas


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