How To Make A Tincture Press For Less Than 25 Bucks

Making a Small Tincture Press…. for less than 25 bucks!

Tired of squeezing out your tinctures with your bare hands?

A tincture press is not only easier on the hands, but it yields you more product, saving you money and eliminating waste.

This Method requires no welding or special tools of any kind!

1. Buy a large C-Clamp at a
hardware store (cost anywhere from $6.00 to $15.00)- or you may already have one of these in your garage.

2. Find or buy a stainless steel canister from
the restaurant supply store (or local second hand store) that will fit between the jaws of the C-Clamp. Buy the C-Clamp first, and take it with you to the store to make sure the canister will fit.

3. Get any piece of material, steel or plastic that will
support the base of the canister, as it sets upon the lower C-Clamp jaw, so that the canister won’t cave in when you begin to
clamp down on your tincture bag inside the canister. ~A small round cutting board or piece of wood~

4. You will need a round disk, which will just fit inside the mouth of the
canister (a lid works for this) so it may freely travel down the throat of the canister.

4. Have a cloth jelly strainer bag or cheesecloth big enough to fit
inside the canister

To make tincture:


A. Place the strainer bag into the canister.

B. Pour your mixture into the bag- fold the top of the bag over (or twist the cheesecloth),
and place the disk on top of the bag.

C. Place the canister in the C-Clamp with the supporting plate underneath.
D. Begin to screw the C-Clamp down. This will press the disk down on the bag. When it is as tight as you can get it, turn over the tincture press and pour your tincture into a wide mouthed bowl- continue to screw the C-Clamp down until you can turn it no
further, allowing the tincture to pour into the bowl. When you can turn it no further, you may let it sit and continue to drip the tincture into the bowl.
*canister size is important. The larger the square inches, the less pressure you will be applying to the
herbs. A larger canister will be able to do a larger batch of tincture, but it will also produce a slightly smaller yield, because it
will receive less pounds per square inch.

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  1. John Ellstrom
    989 days ago

    Thank-you starting herbal tinctures on shoe string buget. Thanks again for the help.

  2. John Ellstrom
    989 days ago

    Any where I can buy 100 proof vodka cheap?

  3. Marisa
    932 days ago

    Great idea – thanks for sharing!

  4. Angie
    865 days ago

    Hi John, in Oregon Vodka is pretty much the same price everywhere (brands differ). I’m not sure how it is in your state. Good luck!

  5. Eric
    753 days ago

    Thank you for thinking outside the box!
    I have been looking for something that works with smaller batches of herbs.

  6. Angie
    688 days ago

    thank you!

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