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Looking for the perfect gift for the budding herbalist or herb lover in your family but don’t know where to start? The net can be hard to navigate so here are some offerings from people I trust – awesome traditional herbalists!

Check out the links below!


Kristine’s Herbal Roots zine

2012 Herbal Roots Zine Wall Calender

Herb Mentor Monthly Membership

Plant Healer Magazine

2012 TRADITIONS IN WESTERN HERBALISM CONFERENCE Sept. 13-16 in Arizona’s Beautiful Coconino Forest

Darcey Blue from Blue Turtle Botanicals 2012 Herbal CSA Membership

Ananda’s Lady’s Slipper Ring

Jim Mcdonald’s 3 dvd set

Henriette’s New book Practical Herbs

Blessed Main Herbs Jewelry

Columbines School Of Botanical Studies 27th Annual 2011 First Year Apprenticeship Field Program

Visit and choose from Heather’s Shop MRS THOMPSON’S HERBS GIFTS & FOLKLORE

Encourage them to visit and take advantage of the offerings over at Botany Everyday

Rosalee de la Forêt Children’s Cold and Flu Ebook 

Oh, and if you decide on any of these I will not be getting any small kickback- just sharing the love of what I know to be quality herb (or herbalist made)  information and products- by some of the most awesome herbalist’s I know!

Have some you would like to share- cause I know I didn’t get them all! Leave a comment today!

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  1. Joleen Minarik
    1530 days ago

    Herbal Remedies For Children During The Cold and Flu Season is an ebook from Rosalee de la Foret chok full of great info and recipes.

  2. Angie
    1530 days ago

    Oh yes! Rosalee is amazing, thank you for the addition Joleen!

  3. Thanks for mentioning Mrs. Thompson’s Herbs Angie!
    I love to send herbal ‘care packages’ anywhere! So sweet when folks send me an email wish list and I can put my elfin hands to work at making their wishes come true.

    Hoping your season is bright!
    All the best,

  4. Angie
    1529 days ago

    It was a pleasure to add Mrs. Thompson’s Herbs Heather! Hope your season is wonderful as well! Warmly, Angie

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