Watch Rosemary Gladstar’s beloved and famous recipes on video for the first time!


It’s FINALLY here!

An awesome video series with Rosemary Gladstar!

 22 remedies & 15 plants are covered!

I am so excited about this folks. Rosemary Gladstar has a video series coming out hosted by Learning Herbs.  This is the first time Rosemary has recorded her beloved and famous recipes on video. This is sure to be a nourishing, inspiring and ~very~ informative series! Go get a sneak peak here

Everyone has someone they look up to, a mentor, a positive influence, an inspiration (whether you meet them in person or not) someone to leave a roadmap for you to follow. For me that person is Rosemary Gladstar.


I consider Rosemary a true trailblazer in the field of herbal medicine- she carved out the path for the rest of us herbalists who have been around for a shorter amount of time, and she followed her bliss before it was cool, well known, or even popular.









Go here to check it out!


It seems like yesterday (even though it has been over 15 years ago) when I ran across Rosemary’s book “Herbal Healing For Women”.  I was in a dingy second hand store going through the book section when I found the book for a dollar- I felt like I had just found a piece of gold! I read the book cover to cover within a few days. I then bookmarked the pages I was most interested in and began experimenting with the recipes. I continued on my path to herbalism from that day forward.


If you have taken any of my courses you will see many references to Rosemary, especially from her gem of a book “Herbal remedies for Children’s health”. It is just a small book but it is packed full of valuable information and easy to follow recipes. I recommend it to all of my students and of course every new mom that I know. The book is the perfect size. It fits on your counter or bedside, so when those little challenges come up with your baby you can just flip right through the book for ideas- like her ‘seed tea’ for colic, and other ‘old fashioned’ techniques that (of course) still work. 













What I love most about Rosemary is that she makes it possible for anyone to become an at home herbalist.


Rosemary’s style is easy going, easy to understand, yet extremely valuable and informative. All of her books are ‘lifetime’ books on the shelf  in our home and they never collect dust.



So be sure go check out the link now, it will be available for a limited time.  There is nothing to purchase now- just go to the link to get your free cough syrup recipe that uses 2 ingredients that you already have in your kitchen! This is the first video of a series so be sure to check back often. This is only for a limited time, it closes October 20th  midnight PST:)



From Herbmentor Radio:  “Rosemary has founded the California School of Herbal Studies, United Plant Savers, co-founded Traditional Medicinals tea company, co-founded Sage Mountain Herbs, and is a founding member of the Northeast Herb Association. One of her herbal startups even turned into the present day Mountain Rose Herbs. Her experience includes over 30 years in the herbal community as a healer, teacher, visionary and organizer of herbal events.”

Notice: I am affiliated with Learning herbs and I may be compensated in some way if you purchase items from them. I don’t recommend anything that I wouldn’t suggest to my family and friends :)

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